Wednesday, May 09, 2007

All the roads not taken

It's impossible to get through all the books you'd like in just four years. For the past few days, I've been working on a tbr shelf for my son--the books set aside for others, but ones just as deserving of an opportunity to deepen, or challenge, or change his life.

He'll have to decide when the time is right for them and all the others that he'll encounter throughout his years.

He is, of course, ready to make those decisions on his own, without a shelf put together by mom, but where's the photo-op in that kind of attitude?

Good old patient wait-for-you books.


  1. What a lovely photo :)

  2. "Lonesome Dove" adored I at age fifteen or so. "Lord Jim" struck I as a sort of give-to-son book, that is my only one.

    The Hood Company

  3. Oh, I've tried so many times to interest him in Lonesome Dove;It's one of my favorites. I'm just not going to push it at him anymore and maybe he'll come around to it on his own. He's reading another book I pushed several times--Robert Sapolsky's The Primates Memoir--and thinks it's great now that he's decided to give it a chance.

    I'll move Lord Jim onto the shelf; it may not take since he didn't like Heart of Darkness.

  4. Hooray! My current read, "Down And Out In Paris And London" is on the shelf.

    Judging by what my son has been interested in reading, this really is a great collection!

  5. Good choices--I remember that list you sent of the books he read--he should be very well prepared. Does he like to read on his own? Or is it a "I have to read this for school" situation?


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