Thursday, March 08, 2007

Booking Through Thursday

Do you lend your books to other people? If so, any restrictions?

Not many people I know are interested in the types of books I read, so I'm actually thrilled when someone wants to borrow one. I'll even loan them out so others can read them first.

Do you borrow books from other people? (Friends or family—I'm not talking about the public library)

I borrow books from my mother-in-law once she's through with them. Then I get to keep them. Unless it's from her leatherbound collection; those I have to give back. Otherwise I don't borrow very many because I've usually already read what's offered to me (or don't want to read it).

And, most importantly—do the books you lend/borrow get returned to their rightful owners??

Usually. Eventually. Although we've had the Christopher Buckleys loaned to my husband for almost two years now and I've probably had Galapagos longer than that. . .


  1. We happily loan books out, even buying spares of certain ones just so they can be loaned.

    We usually return, but with so many moves, a few have gotten lost.

  2. Now that you mention it, it often happens for me too that I've read the book being offered to me. I'm just too quick, I guess.

    I really like it when others take an interest in my books too. :-)


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