Thursday, March 15, 2007

13 Distractions

Thirteen distractions that have kept me from blogging this week:
1. Dan Simmons' The Terror.
2. The pilot episode of The Riches.
3. L. needing the computer to do the taxes.
4. Migraines.
5. Taking S. to the optometrist (he flunked the vision test at the DMV last week) and finding out that his vision isn't anywhere near bad enough for him to be flunking DMV vision tests.
6. Taking S. to the DMV where he flunked the vision test AGAIN before getting a form to take to the optometrist.
7. Taking the form and S. back to the optometrist.
8. Taking the form and S. back to the DMV where they had no choice but to accept the universe's decree that doctor's note trumps stupid DMV vision test.
9. Stress from 5-8.
10. Phone calls from R. who is spring breaking in California this week and convincing herself that she ought to go to Berkeley for grad school.
11. Joss Whedon commentary to Serenity.
12. Alberto Gonzales's expected resignation.
13. Losing my credit card. L. used it, gave it back to me, and I somehow managed to put it down somewhere other than where I usually keep it. I keep looking in all the logical spots. . .


  1. The stress from 5 to 8 would keep me nice and frazzled too. Tho, it's good to know that the doctor trumps the DMV.

  2. The DMV is evil. I'm totally convinced of it.

  3. Yeah, the DMV vision test is evil. The last time I had to take it, I started panicking when I couldn't see anything at all, until I discovered that if I moved slightly off to the side, I could bypass whatever lens they expected me to look through and just see the card below. Then I could read it easily. So, yeah, I cheated on the DMV vision test, but I've never felt guilty about it.

    (I can't believe my first comment here was about the DMV, but there you go.)

  4. Hi Becky! I've always fudged the eye tests at the DMV, too--I have one eye that I see distances with, and one I use for close up, but try explaining any of that to anyone at the DMV. But NOTHING my son tried would work. I'm afraid he's going to be stuck getting a doctor's note every time.

  5. Excuses, excuses ;)

    Way to triumph over the DMV!

  6. Hope you've found your credit card. That would seriously distract me. And, totally agree that the DMV is evil!

  7. The only good thing about the credit card is that it expires next month, so I should be getting a new one soon anyway.

    Has anyone ever had a good experience at the DMV? If so, I've never met them (and never gone to that particular office).

  8. I know so many people-myself included- who did not realize they needed glasses until they tried to get a driver's license! Either their tests are extremely hard or that eye test I had at school the year before telling me I had 20/20 vision was not to be trusted. In the next 5 years my vision deteriorated to 20/800 and I think part of the cause was actually wearing glasses.


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