Wednesday, January 19, 2005

A Secret Cache of Dodos

The cat was laying waste to the city, he was the barbarian inside the gate, and it was Heidi who had let him in. She had never previously suspected the variety of wildlife that lived in the city and which now turned up on her doorstep as a result of the cat's slaughtering. And so many birds! The owls and larks, the robin redbreast and the featherweight wren, bushels of sparrows and pecks of pigeons, flocks of starlings and white doves, a secret cache of dodos, the odd phoenix or two, not to mention the unfortunate capture of the (surprisingly tiny) hawkheaded sun god Ra--an event which caused the world to go dark until Heidi helped him escape from the cat's clutches.

Kate Atkinson, "The Cat Lover"

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