Saturday, January 29, 2005

My hold on Frankland came in and I picked it up yesterday on my way out to dinner with C. and A. Here's an article about James Whorton, Jr., in the Baltimore City Paper (via Bookslut). His earlier book, Approximately Heaven, sounds interesting, too.

I'm going to wait to read this review of Joy Comes in the Morning until after I've read the book. Sigh. My February tbr pile is growing larger and larger. Must. read. faster.

Also, very interesting review by Greg Easterbrook that explores both the pros and cons of Jared Diamond's latest, Collapse, as well as his earlier Guns, Germs and Steel. One of these days. . .

In fact, everything in the "Sunday Book Review" this week appeals to me. Must. read. much. much. faster.

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