Saturday, September 19, 2009


Damn it all. I've lost my header. You know where you are, right? Because it might take me days to either find the old one or get the new one to post.


  1. I see a new one, so something must have worked? I'm afraid to change anything on my blog for fear of totally messing things up...

  2. It's probably okay to change things if you think to make a back-up of all the code beforehand, but of course I didn't in this case.

    I don't know if it's our internet connection or if it's blogger, but I can follow the exact same steps and get different results at different times. Very frustrating.

    This isn't the header I'd intended and I may go back to the old one if this one doesn't grow on me over the next day or so. I made a gorgeous one using a Margaret Mee painting, but now I'm afraid I'd be violating copyright if I used it. Sigh. I wish I were a better photographer or designer.

  3. Lol. Who needs a header when you have that adorable animation?

    Seriously, I hope you get your header back, though I think the new one isn't so bad at all. =)


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