Tuesday, August 25, 2009

RIP Challenge the Fourth

Woo hoo! It's that time again.

I'm not sure which Peril I'll complete this year, or if I'll merely participate in the Short Story Sundays, but here's my list of potential reads for the challenge:

Come Along With Me. Shirley Jackson
Don't Look Now. Daphne Du Maurier
Rebecca. Daphne Du Maurier
Gothic Tales. Elizabeth Gaskell
Her Fearful Symmetry. Audrey Niffenegger
Await Your Reply. Dan Chaon
The Seance. John Harwood
Drood. Dan Simmons
The Vampyre, a Tale. John Polidori


  1. Such deliciously creepy choices you have there! Seriously, this is a fantastic list of potential reads. I may just have to steal this one for my own private reading list as I don't think there is any book on here that I don't want to read at some point. Wonderful!

    Great to have you aboard this year.

  2. I'm seeing a pattern here and many have Drood and Her Fearful Symmetry on their pool lists! (that last one isn't out yet is it?)

  3. Thanks, Carl. You've got the best challenges going.

    And DesLily, not until late Sept. or early Oct. depending on whether you're going with the US or UK version. I wish I'd read Drood back in the spring but I got sidetracked by some of Dan Simmons' earlier SF novels!

  4. It looks like you have a great list. I really enjoyed Rebecca when I read it a few years ago :)

    And I've only recently been introduced to Elizabeth Gaskell so I'm curious to see what you think of Gothic Tales.

  5. I've been looking forward to this. I'm not sure yet what I'll read, but I have a few ideas in mind. I'm really in the mood for ghost stories, so the timing is perfect. Rebecca is one of my favorite books--you have to read that one! The Seance was pretty good, too.

  6. I'm feeling the guilt for never having made the time for Rebecca. . . I did give it to my daughter a few years back, but as best I can tell, she never read it.

  7. Maybe if she sees you reading it, she'll pick it up, too? Really, it's that good...Of course how long have some of my books been sitting unopened and unread?

  8. I am planning to re-read Rebecca for RIP IV. I read it 20 years back!

    Here is my RIP IV read list

  9. I'm planning on reading Rebecca. It would be my first du Maurier book.

  10. Nice list! I read Rebecca a few months ago for the first time and loved it! If you read it you are in for a treat.


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