Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Book Blogger Appreciation Week

Book Blogger Appreciation Week is Sept. 14-18 and I was quite surprised to open my email last week to find that I had been longlisted for a couple awards. I very much appreciate all one or two of you who nominated me in the Most Eclectic Taste and Most Concise categories as well as all of you who are reading this now: there are so many other blogs you could be reading.

I don't expect to make it to the short list as I am but a small fish and all of that, but I confess, being nominated makes me feel all rejuvenated and inspired to stop blogging inside my head and start posting a bit more regularly where others can see it if they so desire.

And I might as well tell you since this is a meta post that I intend to redo the links in my sidebar over the coming weeks and then chuck the RSS feeds. I felt embarrassed to keep clicking directly on blogs when everyone else started moving to bloglines and then google reader--how exposed and clingy I must appear, checking yet again to see if there's a new post--so I embraced the cool, efficient way of reading blogs and in the process began to feel more than a bit removed from it all. I'm tired of feeling that way.

I would say I'm going retro, but it's actually Blogger upgrades that are making it easy for me to tell when a blog has been updated.

So, pardon the dust in coming weeks. I might leave the old blog list up until I've finished the new. I remember last time I rebuilt a list of links some of my favorite people thought I'd left them out completely when I took a break to get a night's sleep before I'd completed the task. I don't want to inadvertently hurt anyone's feelings this time around.


  1. Congratulations on your nominations!!


  2. Susan--congratulations to you.

  3. I'm "going retro" too. If we appear exposed and clingy, that's just the way it is. Glad the nominations lifted your spirits!

  4. Congratulations. It's fun to be nominated, yes. Good luck. When do they announce the short list?


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