Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Last chance for a thousand years

When you choose to read instead of clean the kitchen you are refusing to accept that your worth as a person is measured by the visible results that you produce in the world.

--Susan Wise Bauer

Last chance to enter the giveaway for two copies of Jon Meacham's American Lion: Andrew Jackson in the White House, people! I'll be drawing names later this evening. There will be music as well as prizes, and I bet you might even laugh a time or two.



Jeanne said...

That quotation cheers me right up for the day!

ds said...

May I post that on my refrigerator?

Mental multivitamin (M-mv) said...

Hmmm. What about those of us who choose to read and still manage to have a clean kitchen (bathroom, bedrooms, yards, clothes, etc.)?

I'm just saying.

And since when do *you* quote SWB? (*wry grin*)


Bybee said...

Not entering, just popping in to say that I like that quote. Susan. Wise. Yes.