Saturday, June 06, 2009

RIP, Readerville

I'm stunned. Absolutely stunned. Readerville has closed its doors.

The internet will never be the same.


  1. Sorry to hear that. I've checked it out a few times but never got around to spending much time there. It looked like a nice reading site. I wonder why they closed down.

  2. It was incorporated, so I suppose the lack of making money had a lot to do with it. :(

    If you can possibly make the time in the next few days, swing by and read the discussion with Elizabeth Strout before it disappears--she'd just won the Pulitzer for Olive Kitteridge, and it's just wonderful to read.

  3. We're all stunned. I'm mentally flailing about.

  4. Cindy8:09 PM

    BookBalloon is a site that works similar to the old format from Readerville. Those of you who would like to continue being part of a reading community, albeit in its fledging stages, come on by for a visit. You'll see lots of familiar faces, as well as some new ones.

  5. it was a really good site, but I suppose money is everything.

    Which is really too bad.


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