Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Same bunny, front yard and back


  1. How cute. I'm glad he's not in my garden, I wouldn't have any fresh salad for myself!

  2. Ihave two rabbits. Neither of them are allowed out in the garden.

  3. What color are your rabbits, C.B.? If you've posted pics of them before, I've somehow missed them.

    My husband saw a Dutch rabbit on a walk a few mornings ago. I hope its owner found it before it wandered too far.

    Jeane: my co-worker fumed about the rabbits in her garden when I showed her MY bunny. She said they take a bite out of every single tomato.

  4. I have a love hate relationship with the rabbits in my yard. For a while I had a cute little baby one only as big as a kitten. But then It ate the biggest, ripest strawberry in the patch and I didn't think it so cute anymore. The stinky liquid fence came out and all the rabbit friendly places in the yard got sprayed. I haven't seen a rabbit in the yard for a week now. I hope they moved on to someone else's garden!


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