Thursday, April 02, 2009

Library Loot

Must. stop. checking. out. books. . .

Brad Gooch's Flannery: A Life of Flannery O'Connor. I should have this one finished by the weekend.

Gerald Koplan's Etta. Should be great fun. Maybe I'll follow it up with another viewing of Butch and Sundance.

Stefan Zweig's Beware of Pity. Zweig's first novel. Danielle's already reading it.

Matt Bondurant's The Wettest County in the World. I thought I was from the Moonshine Capital of the World, but Bondurant claims that ignomy goes to Franklin County, Va.

Alexander Waugh's The House of Wittgenstein. The Anthony Gottleib review has me eager to read this biography.

Laurie Graham's The Importance of Being Kennedy. Litlove put this on her favorites list last year.

Tom Piazza's City of Refuge. I'd not heard of this before the Tournament of Books.

Steven Johnson's The Invention of Air. A bio of scientist Joseph Priestley, friend of both Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson.


The Complete Novels and Selected Writings of Amy Levy edited by Melvyn New. I've already read The Romance of a Shop from the collection; a review is to follow.


  1. Anonymous2:37 AM

    Do let me know how you like Flannery. I've been really tempted to buy it but haven't seen reviews as to its quality!

    Great loot, by the way :)

  2. That is a very interesting stack of books. In particular, I'll be interested to hear what you make of Beware of Pity.

  3. Don't. stop. checking. out. books.

    You'll only have withdrawal symptoms and then overdose.

  4. I've got a huge pile of library books at home and have four more to pick up today....I think I like Beware of Pity even more than the Post-Office Girl, but I still have half a book to read. I wonder how many of his novels are still untranslated?

  5. If I'm remembering correctly, I think Beware of Pity and Post-Office Girl are the only novels--Chess game gets categorized more as a novella in with the short stories. He wrote "faction" though, a blend of fiction and fact. I want to read Marie Antoinette to see how that goes. . .

  6. I'm with you on the library books. Since when stuff comes in is unpredictable, and since it all tends to clump at once (I've had seven movies come in in three weeks that have been on my list for months) I need to get back to my "diet" of one book in my queue at a time.

    I'm trudging through Shadow Country, by Peter Matthiesson, which I like but found difficult to get through at the beginning. It's 900 pages. Then Netherland and 2666 finally came in at the same time. Since other people are waiting, I returned them and will continue with Shadow Country. But I checked out Frankie Landau Banks because it was in, and because hope springs eternal.

    I really liked City of Refuge. It is very Grapes of Wrath-y, which I think I remember you liked a lot. I liked it better than A Mercy, which won the Tourney, though the writing is not, could not, be on a par with Morrison's.

  7. You've got the new O'Connor biography! I love that cover. :D The others look tempting as well!


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