Friday, September 07, 2007

The lion on the left and a library meme

There's a library meme going around--What do you have checked out from the library these days--and since I've finally returned a bunch of severely overdue ones from the public and checked out another armload of new ones from the university to add to the ones already at home, I though I'd play.

Currently checked out:

George Hagen's Tom Bedlam

Andrei Makine's The Woman Who Waited and The Earth and Sky of Jacques Dorme

Angela Carter's Shaking a Leg and Burning Your Boats

H.G. Wells' Star Begotten

Robert Coover's Pricksongs and Descants

Rudyard Kipling's The Phantom Rickshaw and Other Stories

Complete Works and Letters of Charles Lamb

The Famous Stories of Joseph Conrad

Tessa Hadley's Sunstroke and Other Stories

D.H. Lawrence's The Rainbow and Women in Love

Stephenie Meyer's Twilight

Maybe I can go the whole month of September without buying a book.


  1. Are you going to be able to read all those in one month?

    Is the picture in your header taken in beautiful, southern Utah?

  2. Oh, I'm not even supposed to be reading from these this month, although I started Twilight last night. Fortunately with the university library I can check out material and keep it indefinitely.

    Yes, that was taken in the San Rafael Swell two years ago. We're going to Escalante in a couple weeks. Can't wait!

  3. Susan, are you a fellow Utahn or do you just visit for the geology or just for the fun of it? It is beautiful in southern Utah, isn't it?

  4. Oh, I have soooooo many library books checked out right now....


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