Sunday, September 09, 2007

Book Cover Meme

Via Sylvia, the Book Cover Meme: Type your name into the Amazon search box and post your favourite cover.

You know, there are a lot of Susans out there with some awful, awful covers on their books.

I liked these two, though:


  1. Anonymous4:42 PM

    Lovely. Flowers are good!

  2. I love that Lady Susan cover.

  3. Hesperus has the ~best~ covers.

  4. Beautiful, aesthetically pleasing covers, both of them.
    Today I held a book in my hands, and nearly bought it, for its COVER. It was A.M. Homes's memoir.... forget the title.
    I forget the title, yet remember the striking dustjacket and presentation!
    Now THAT is good marketing!

  5. I guess you've already done the work for me on one front....guess I'll see if there's anything under "Bybee"...I'll be surprised if there is...

  6. Bybee, I had no idea we shared the same name!

    Cip, it is very rare for me to buy a book with a cover I dislike. . . I did buy Donna Tartt's second and immediately removed the creepy dust jacket, but generally I use Cover Avoidance as a means of limiting the unlimitless number of books I could potentially read. And I have, on occasion, bought a book for no other reason than Cover Love.

    Now I'm off to see what the Canadian cover of the Homes looks like. . .

  7. Nice covers! Hesperus does do great covers. I won't not buy a book because of the cover, but a good cover will definitely convince me to buy a book.

  8. My last case of Cover Love was A Million Little Pieces, and look how badly that turned out.

  9. Both are nice covers. Will you be reading either for its title or cover? My cover meme turned out rather poorly, but it was funny.


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