Saturday, December 09, 2006

Meta stuff

Changing template--ugh. I have a migraine, itchy allergy eyes, and cold feet. It is very cold here. The gas logs keep blowing out.

If I managed to skip you while recreating my blogroll, let me know. If you have suggestions for sidebar arrangement, please speak up. Do you want the Recent Posts/Archives feature near the top of the page or is it okay having it midway down? Should I make an effort to label the posts?


  1. Wow on the new look. It's nice. I like your currently reading and recently read lists. The recent posts/ archives seem fine where they are. That's pretty spiffy how they are expandable and list how many posts are in them.

  2. You are a better blogger than I. I have no patience with html, and the tedious work of a blogroll. Amazes me how some bloggers manage such extensive lists.

  3. I like the sidebar as it is -- I'd say keep the archives where they are. As for labels -- I'm not using the new template where I'd have a choice about it, but if I were, I don't know what labels I'd use. "Books" and "bicycles" and that's about it. They wouldn't be helpful for me. But maybe you have more categories?

  4. Cats? Quotes? The typical whiny nonsense? I'd prefer not to use 'em unless someone can give me a glorious reason to label things.

    Stefanie, I do prefer the way the Archives display now! Not near as dull as it was before.

    Zhoen, the beta doesn't require you to know much html (yay!). But having to recreate a blog list is the main reason I won't be switching templates for another few years, it's still time consuming even when all you have to do is plug the address in box.

  5. I too have been wondering if adding labels would be worth the effort.

  6. I like the archives list, too--very cool feature that you can also list the comments. Too bad your reading lists (already read) are gone--I am the sort of person who likes looking and other people's lists. It sounds like a lot of work to switch over!

  7. So did Google take over Blogger? Is there anything they don't do/own??

  8. Love the new look!

    I wish I'd thought more about labels before beginning to apply them. The big advantage that I see is in searching for something. Where and when did I post about ____? I, however, didn't think about that when applying my first labels. And going back and applying to all previous posts....only wish for time and energy enough to do so.

  9. Nice new look!
    I agree about the archives. I like them much better now.
    Since mine is a combo reading and photo blog, I like the labels as it's allowed me to group certain photos together. I only have one book label so far but I'm debating whether to do book genres. Might be useful if looking for something???
    I switched a couple of weeks ago and I'm still finding blogs I've accidentally forgotten to put back in the blogroll.
    As for Nick Hornby, I really liked The Polysyllabic Spree but haven't picked up Housekeeping vs. the Dirt yet. I'll have to get to it soon. Seems like he's really annoyed some people with his comments so I'm very curious now.

  10. I love the new look!

    I have never used Blogger and so have always used categories (or "labels" as I guess Blogger is calling them). I couldn't live without 'em. Since you've obviously done without for so long, maybe you don't need them but my guess is that if you started to use them - you'd grow to love them...

  11. Thanks for all the info to mull over, everyone. Now we're out the door to make another Uhaul load swap with the family in North Wilkesboro.

    Danielle, I intend to add back my book lists. I'll probably start in a day or so if things are quiet at the library (final exams this week).

  12. New look: great.

    Migraine: my empathy!

    Feel better soon. How can you even stand to look at the computer?? You are a better woman than I!


  13. Sometimes we just need a change. The new look is great! :)

    I sure hope that migraine is gone by now.

  14. I'm doing some housecleaning over at my place, so I'm thinking about labelling all my posts, but I don't relish the idea of wading through almost 100 posts and tagging them all. I might. If I get that bored.

  15. The new look is lovely. Clean, neat, easy to read. It was well worth the effort.


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