Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Two things

1. For the past three days I have been taking pets to the vet: Ellie had shots and her yearly checkup on Monday; on Tuesday Nicholson had a cyst on the inside of an eyelid removed and sent off for biopsy and both she and Claudius had their teeth cleaned; and this afternoon Ezra had her uric acid levels checked--woo hoo! For the first time since April, the levels are in the normal range.

Taking pets to the vet means there will be no money for book purchases for quite awhile to come, so prepare for the return of Friday cat blogging!

2. I'm enjoying Richard Powers' The Echo Maker a great deal, but I simply cannot buy the marriage between the cognitive neurologist Gerald Weber and his wife Sylvie--it's simply off and it makes me cringe to read their conversations. Sylvie (as of page 144) has yet to use her husband's name--she calls him Man and Husband repeatedly and he calls her Woman. Perhaps there's a reason yet to be revealed why they must point out these obvious facts about themselves, but at this point it just seems wrongly imagined, as if Powers couldn't quite bring into focus a 30-plus-year marriage.

But Powers' reputation is wondrous and the rest of the book is excellent, so I'm prepared to eat crow if it turns out he knew what he was doing with this relationship.


  1. Anonymous8:55 PM

    Forget "real" critics, even my dear Margaret Atwood. I bought this book twenty-seven minutes ago on *your* say-so. (*wry grin*) Ayup. After our WTM "chat," I found a coupon, checked my Holiday Rewards, and went for it.

    The Echo Maker is officially in the queue.


    Postscript: I take it you didn't switch to Beta -- I can't log in to offer comments as a Blogger user. No matter. I'll be "anonymous." :o)

  2. I haven't switched to Beta because I'm still waiting for a message indicating I can. I think I belong to too many group blogs for that to happen.

    For some reason I thought you already had The Echo Maker, but I'm happy to hear you've secured a copy now. You're definitely going to enjoy it--cranes galore.

    Happy birding/reading, MFS.

  3. Personally I always enjy cat blogging! Vet bills are the reason I don't have more animals--two are expensive enough, though there is a sweet male cat that is a stray that I see around and would take in if I could. Poor guy--I hope he is okay outside. I have asked around everywhere looking for a nice family for him, but no one is willing to take in a cat. Need another cat, Susan? Just joking. I had Powers first book and then foolishly gave it away not having read it, and now I want it. That's why weeding books can be bad. His new one sounds interesting.

  4. I don't think we could bring another cat or dog into the house--even if we could afford it--unless we got rid of Claudius. Which I can't see us doing, even though he gets weirder and weirder every day. I don't know how he's going to handle all the home repairs we have planned for the next month--including getting rid of the sofa he's currently hiding under. He'll probably pee on the new one. That'll show us.


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