Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thursday Thirteen: Future Re-Reads

Books don't make it onto my Lifetime Favorites List (click on profile above if interested in said list) without holding up to a re-read, or two or three (the lone exception: Lonesome Dove, a book I constantly dip into but have yet to re-read from cover to cover for a second time). I'm currently on my seventh re-read of the year (Macbeth, with my son) and intend to bring in 2007 with a re-reading of Crime and Punishment.

As a blogger who knowingly provides her share of pooter posts (thanks go to Dorothy for finding The Diary of a Nobody) , I thought I'd share of list of books I haven't yet re-read, but fully intend to at some point. I think all of these, even if they do not eventually make their way onto the definitive lifetime list, will at least provide just as much pleasure as they did on the first go-round.

1. David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas.

2. Rebecca West's The Judge.

3. Stephen Wright's The Amalgamation Polka.

4. Kate Atkinson's Case Histories and One Good Turn. I want to read them back to back so I can determine which I actually enjoy more.

5. Eudora Welty's Delta Wedding.

6. Richard Russo's Straight Man.

7. Steven Millhauser's Edwin Mullhouse.

8. Orhan Pamuk's My Name is Red.

9. Haven Kimmel's The Solace of Leaving Early.

10. Robert Boswell's Century's Son.

11. Arnold Bennett's The Old Wives' Tale.

12. Franz Lidz's Unstrung Heroes.

13. A.S. Byatt's The Virgin in the Garden (and all its sequels save the last, which I didn't like at all).

The last nine books listed, ones I've read prior to the last year or so, are currently showcased in My Bookstore.


  1. I read Straight Man this year and adored it, along with Cloud Atlas. I've barely re-read anything this year though, when that used to be around 50% of my reading! There are just too many good unread books to discover!

  2. I re-read Case Histories and segued into One Good Turn. It was great fun.

    Byatt is definitely ah, a brainful.

  3. I completely agree about Straight man!

  4. I am not too sure I reread a single book this year, though in the past I usually will reread a couple (too many distractions thanks to other bloggers!). I really liked the Millhauser book, too. I have the Pamuk book on my wishlist, and need to get to the Wright book (before it comes out in paper and I kick myself for not waiting), and from the looks of it I should add the Russo to my list as well. I have never read him!

  5. Anonymous7:34 PM

    I'm not a rereader, but this year I reread 4 books. Probably surpassed the number of reread books for my whole lifetime! Your list looks good. Some are on my TBR list, but alas, I haven't read any. I appreciate the list though, because I'm going to add more.

  6. I have not heard of that Welty book. Intriguing list!


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