Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen random things about my current reading life:

1. C. placed "a definite must read" on my desk for me today. I scooped it up with a couple of books I'd brought from home when it was time to leave the library, forgetting to desensitize it. It is embarrassing to set off the gate alarm with a book called Old Filth.

2. I am very behind in my Proust reading--haven't picked up In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower since late September. I'm hoping to make a good deal of progress in it this weekend.

3. I read Katherine Mansfield's story "At the Bay" last night and am looking forward to its discussion at A Curious Singularity.

4. I read chapter four (paragraphs) in Reading Like a Writer tonight.

5. An Amazon package was thrown on my front porch today! In it was Thomas Hardy's The Return of the Native (can't believe I've never read this one) and C.S. Forester's Beat to Quarters.

6. Claire Tomalin's bio of Thomas Hardy is being published in the U.S. in January. I have a coupon already earmarked for it.

7. I found it difficult not to continue reading The Red and the Black once I'd finished the first batch of chapters for discussion next week.

8. I've read the first two or three letters in Diane Smith's Letters from Yellowstone and think it will be a good choice to take to the polls with me on Tuesday.

9. I'll probably also take Kate Atkinson's One Good Turn.

10. Three hundred pages to go in The Italian!

11. A new story by Lorrie Moore is always a thrill. I'm forcing myself to wait until the weekend to read it.

12. Litlove's post on Indiana proves that yes, I am a philistine.

13. Even so, I am really looking forward to reading lots of classics next year.


  1. oooh no, Susan, you are never a philistine! That post was a product of writing up my lecture notes on Indiana - which proves only that I think about literature as a day job! Incidentally, I love Jane Gardam's novels, and The Red and the Black is a favourite of mine too.

  2. Jane Gardam was just recommended to me by Litlove! Now Old Filth might be a fun title to read on the bus to work!! I love the Hornblower books. I am into the second one--they are great! I wish they would continue filming the series. I am returning the Atkinson unread back to the library--will pick it up again later. And curious minds want to know...any ideas on the next Slaves book? :)

  3. Sounds like some good reading. Thanks for sharing these with us this week

    Mine is up! Please stop by to vote for our daughters name!!!

  4. Yes, LitLove, but my post was a product of my vast ignorance of romantic literature. Whenever I attempt to read it I want to slap the characters silly, so I never get very far. :(

    I agonized over which Hornblower I should get and finally decided I'd be happier if I started with the first one Forester had written, instead of the first one in the completed series. We start watching the Hornblower series this weekend.

    I will be making an Slaves announcement either later today or tomorrow morning.

    I'll be stopping by, Amy!

  5. I'm hoping to make progress in Proust this weekend too. I have not read any Hardy. I can't remember if I put him on my classics list for next year. If not, he will be number 14 :)

  6. Ah well, I do remember thinking that young Werther could do with a bit more red meat at mealtimes, and a sense of humour...


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