Wednesday, July 13, 2005

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the menfolk in the South love their pickup trucks. Still and all, the owner of this one comes across a tad bit excessive in the display of this love. Since he had the portrait of his lady love airbrushed onto the area above the front wheels (no, I don't know the specialized precise term for that area, but I can locate a chestnut and a frog on a horse) and this scene on the back (which reveals he also is a religious man partial to Rottweilers), he's had a front license plate airbrushed with another picture of the truck. Where next? The cab doors? The hood?

We get it already. You love your shiny red pickup truck.

I'd carry an awful lot of insurance on it if I were you.

More substantial (ha!) blogging will resume once the @%*#$ migraine in my @#%*$ left temple finds somewhere better to be.

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