Tuesday, March 15, 2005

And now through the streets
the heralds passed, leading the beasts marked out
for sacrifice on Apollo's grand festal day,
and the islanders with their long hair were filing
into the god's shady grove-the distant deadly Archer.

Those in the palace, once they'd roasted the prime cuts,
pulled them off the spits and, sharing out the portions,
fell to the royal feast. . .
The men who served them gave Odysseus his share,
fair as the helping they received themselves.
So Telemachus ordered, the king's own son.

But Athena had no mind to let the brazen suitors hold back now from their heart-rending insults-
she meant to make the anguish cut still deeper
into the core of Laertes' son Odysseus.

--Book 20: Portents Gather, The Odyssey

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