Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I love my alma mater

Lunatic Alabama representative Gerald Allen, who, as reported earlier, wants to ban novels with gay characters from public and university libraries in his state, has evidently been advised that coming across as as large a lunatic as he does doesn't exactly advance the conservative agenda. Before, when asked what would happen to books that presented homosexuality as normal, he said, "I guess we dig a big hole and dump them in and bury them."

These days he's insisting, "We're just looking at future spending. We're not going to take any books off of anybody's shelves -- today."

Okay, so that "today" indicates he's still just the same old lunatic he always was. Never fear. College students from around the country are beginning to protest his lunacy. Students and faculty at the University of North Carolina staged their 24-hour protest earlier this week by reading Allen's bill and works his bill would ban outside the student union. Go Tarheels!

No mention in the article, however, as to how the pit preachers reacted to having their turf taken away from them by the godless Plutarch and Wilde. Perhaps Chapel Hill's pit preachers aren't near as wacky as Rep. Allen?

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