Sunday, January 13, 2008

Lorrie Moore gets political:

Does her being a woman make her a special case? Does gender confer meaning on her candidacy? In my opinion, it is a little late in the day to become sentimental about a woman running for president. The political moment for feminine role models, arguably, has passed us by. The children who are suffering in this country, who are having trouble in school, and for whom the murder and suicide rates and economic dropout rates are high, are boys — especially boys of color, for whom the whole educational system, starting in kindergarten, often feels a form of exile, a system designed by and for white girls.


J.S. Peyton said...

It's good to know I wasn't the only one thinking, "Thirty-five years? Where did she come up with that number?"

SFP said...


It's so hard for me to make a decision between these two. I still support Edwards at this point, but by May when we have our primary, if the situation hasn't changed dramatically, I know I'll be throwing away my last chance to have an effect on the November election by not voting for one or the other--North Carolina always goes for the Republican in the national.

Crissy said...

Great article. I am so intrigued by Senator Obama.