Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Gillian Welch

We won't be seeing her until tomorrow night, but since the concert counts as our Valentine's Day gift, I thought I'd provide a video of her music today.


  1. Just beautiful. Enjoy the concert.

  2. If she's on tour, I thought she might have a new CD and went to her web site, but no.

    Welch's songs are popular among non-professional bluegrass pickers who gather for jams. I accompany my teen-aged son, the fiddler, to jams sometimes, and it is always gratifying when we're off in the heartland of the country somewhere, and a good ole boy will choose a Gillian Welch song when it's his turn to name a song. In a way, her compositions are art songs, but they speak to people from all walks of life. The lyrics are as soulful as lyrics can be, and the melodies captivating. I just love her music.

  3. She played enough new songs last night to have a new album, but when someone shouted out for her to record one of them, she didn't mention any intentions one way or the other.

    A fabulous show. David Rawlings is as fun to watch as he is to listen to. I had to dig up that old New Yorker article about Welch that talked about his f-holes fronted guitar.

    I have a 16-year-old nephew who sounds a lot like your son. He's a banjo player and always looking for opportunities to perform. It thrills me no end that there are still kids who love this kind of music.