Thursday, February 15, 2007

A brief reading update

We're going to see a production of Waiting for Godot this weekend and a performance of Purcell's Dido and Aeneas next week. Although S. can't muster up any enthusiasm for any prior reading of Beckett, I have no doubt he'll enjoy the play. On the other hand, he's already champing at the bit at the prospect of reading book IV of The Aeneid (the new Fagles edition brought home from the library expressly for this purpose) and I'm assuming he'll enjoy that prep work far more than he will the actual opera. Same goes for me as well; we seem to be lacking the opera gene in this household, but I'm willing to test that hypothesis with a free morning matinee at the university. Unfortunately, the performance is going to contain a lot of high tech elements--a personal pet peeve of S.'s (don't get him started on the version of The Tempest at the university last spring).

Otherwise, we've continued reading David Copperfield; we're at the midway point. I haven't touched The Book of Lost Things since last weekend but I hope to make some time for it this weekend.


  1. I just got David Copperfield in the mail. I am looking forward to starting it, but I have to say I am enjoying Colette's Cheri at the moment and don't want to rush through it!

  2. You'll love DC once you get to it, Danielle.

    I need to read Colette, don't I? I attempted something or another by her when I was in high school and it went straight over my head.

  3. Are you still enjoying the Copperfield? [Sounds like you are.]
    It is one of my favorite books of all time.
    -- Cip

  4. i find Beckett incredibly difficult to read; he's a stellar playwright for a good reason. When i was at school and we had to read stuff of his, we made it easier by reading it out loud. Waiting for Godot is pretty damn amusing at 3 in the morning, read in the hallway of a dorm on not enough sleep and way too much caffeine.


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