Sunday, January 14, 2007

"I try not to discuss politics with my cats; sometimes the conversation degenerates into hissing matches. I'm not that good a hisser, so the cats walk off thinking they have won. Of course, the cats always walk off thinking they have won, so nothing new there. They're geniuses at repurposing defeat as victory. If we put a cat in charge in Iraq, we'd be out of there in six months and everyone would be sure we'd won."

A new Jon Carroll cat column. Hurray!


  1. What is it about a cat and a box? Thanks for the photo (and the column.)


  2. Cat in box.

    Of course the cat thinks himself right. He is right.

  3. Great quote. Why does every cat need to get into every open box. It is a given they will all do that....

  4. I vote for having your cat run Iraq!


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