Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Maybe it was the roughest of drafts. Maybe it was written by someone who isn't even a student at the university.

I can certainly hope.

The known fact is that two of its three pages were found by my IT buddy this evening and passed along to me. As best I can tell the writer intended to compose a five-paragraph essay that was pro-homeschooling.

Here's a sample:

"The second problem is that the home schooled children are not welcomed to use the school's libraries during the school's hours because they will be crowded. But the school's libraries can be replaced by the public libraries because they are opened for all kind of people. Besides that researches proved that the librarians who work in the public libraries agreed whit home schooling and they are offering their help for the home schoolers anytime. So one more problem for home schooling was solved and we left with only one more problem for home schooling."

Maybe the writer's attending college on a sports scholarship. Maybe he's good at math.

Maybe he's the first in his family to attend college and everyone is so doggone proud of him for achieving what no one else could ever dream of attempting.

Here's the final paragraph:

"In conclusion, I have talked about what home schooling has criticized for which was that the children don't learn social skills, are not welcomed to use the libraries during schools hours and the curriculum designing. And how these problems were solved. In my personal opinion I think that home schooling should be practiced in more range."

Maybe he's revising his essay right now.

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