Friday, April 21, 2006

Major whew.

The vet said this morning that she'd thought that Ezra was in the midst of total renal failure on Monday. Today's test results show that her uric acid levels have dropped to normal and she's managed to gain three grams. Although she's been favoring her right foot all week and it had begun to swell slightly yesterday, the vet expects this to resolve itself on its own without treatment.

I'm to continue giving Ezra antibiotics and the gout meds once a day for the next two weeks, instead of twice a day as I've done this week, then bring her back for another exam, but at this point everything indicates kidney infection instead of actual kidney disease.

Feathers could take two to three weeks before they start growing back in and there's no way to know whether she'll leave them alone or continue plucking. I'm thinking, though, that since she's always been an indifferent groomer and that the plucking was in response to pain, not habit, that there's a good chance she'll soon look like her old self again.

In book news, I've started both Intuition and Will in the World. We're going to see The Tempest tonight and I've just heard about a local production of King Lear that's running through mid-May, so we'll be reading that before we go.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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