Thursday, June 16, 2005


In the past week I've been accused not once, but twice, of running a Claudie-centric blog. "Where's Ginger, where are the birds, where's the other cat? Why are they being snubbed?"

I have resolved to try harder to take better photos of the less photogentically-inclined members of the household.

This is Nicholson. She's been snubbed in the past because A) her eyes turn into demon's eyes whenever a camera is pointed in her direction (I've yet to encounter a "redeye" fix that works where she's concerned) and B) she's been so focused on snubbing R. that she's deserved a little snubbing of her own.

See, she used to be exclusively R.'s cat. They were BFFs. R. carried her around inside the front of her overalls and called her her "joey" or in her arms with Nicholson's legs poker- straight in front of her and called it flying. This was great fun for the both of them. Nicholson helped R. with her homework and slept with her and didn't seem to mind the loud music that gave everyone else a headache except for the times when R. couldn't hear her crying for entry outside the door and we'd have to yell "LET NICHOLSON IN. YOU"RE BREAKING HER HEART" and R. would open the door a crack and Nicholson would scoot in. They were teenagers together and life was good.

Then R. went to Germany for a year. Nicholson had to branch out. She became the family cat. (She doesn't allow people outside the family to see her. This is the number one rule to live by if you're Nicholson.) S. became her best buddy. Life was still good.

R. came home from Germany. Nicholson didn't run and hide the way she would with a non-family member, so we knew she still remembered her, but she wouldn't have anything to do with her, either. It took a week before she crawled into R.'s lap for petting.

A month later R. went off to college. This second leaving was too much for Nicholson to forgive and she's been blatantly snubbing R. ever since. Evidently, she cannot have a relationship with anyone who merely comes home on an occasional weekend and at Christmas. Snub, snub, snub. Don't even think about carrying me or petting me or cuddling me in your lap, you-you-you deserter.

When R. came home last month at the end of exams she and I laid down on opposite sides of Nicholson while she was napping under the covers. We pulled back the covers, petted her, and talked to her. Nicholson loved all the loving until she happened to turn her head and see R. behind her. She gave her the meanest look a cat can possibly give and left in a huff.

Life is bad when your BFF gives you the cold shoulder.

I'm sorry to say that for the past month there's been a contest of wills to see who could out-snub the other. R. has seemed much more demoralized by the conflict than Nicholson has. She has also resorted to attempts to buy Nicholson's love by opening cans of Fancy Feast for her and feeding her white meat chicken, but Nicholson has refused to be bought.

Fortunately, some progress was made only yesterday. R. went outside to lie in the sun and Nicholson, who generally goes out only to eat grass which she can then barf up in some inconvenient spot inside the house, scooted out the door as well. Perhaps the hot sun warmed her heart; in the evening Nicholson allowed R. to sit beside her on the loveseat and pet her for a bit. It was quite gratifying to see.

So, life with Nicholson is getting better, but R. leaves again at the end of the month and Nicholson is sure to resent it. I have a good idea what's going to happen once she returns in August.

One step forward and two steps back
Nobody gets too far like that.

Just the same old song and dance in Snub City.


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