Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Audio books

I've never been a big fan of audiobooks for myself, since I'm prone to zoning out while supposedly listening, but I decided I'd give them a chance since I'm in dire need of some consistent time spent on the treadmill. C. told me Sunday that Audible was giving away listening devices with new memberships and I signed up yesterday.

I chose Iris Murdoch's Jackson's Dilemma and Patrick O'Brian's Treason's Harbour for my first selections. Will I be able to walk fast while listening to slow-moving prose? Guess I'll be finding out.

I selected classics, fiction, drama and poetry as my primary interests, so I was a little surprised at Audible's first recommended batch of titles for me: Sue Miller's Lost in the Forest; LaHaye and Jenkins' Left Behind: The Kids, vol. 4; and Edgar Wallace's The Four Just Men.

The only one in that list I'd be remotely interested in is the Miller. I'm assuming the Edgar Wallace must be linked to the O'Brian selection--I had never heard of him before Ed the horse's recommendations--but at least it makes a bit of sense. I can't imagine ever being desperate enough for reading material that I'd resort to anything in the Left Behind series.

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