Sunday, June 05, 2005

In an effort to prioritize

A downside to reading several books at the same time is the feeling that progress is being made in none of them--1,200 plus pages read and no end in sight! I need a change of strategy.

First, foremost, finish The Age of Innocence this week. I love Wharton and I now regret buying a leatherbound copy of this one at the used bookstore. It's lovely, but I want to mark favorite passages!

Also, get caught up in Don Quixote. I postponed last week's reading and will have to get through ten chapters this week.

Next, finish Everything You Need. I'm more than halfway and would have finished by now if not for starting the Wharton to read with A.

S. and I are reading Heart of Darkness together. Don't know how much we'll get through before he leaves for camp, but we ought to get it finished before drama workshop begins.

I've read Emerson's Nature and "The American Scholar" and can now resume reading Emerson Among the Eccentrics, with the appropriate essays from the Forties to follow once I've finished the chapters on the Forties. This is going to have to be a long term read.

A Short History of Nearly Everything--another long term read. I'm happy S. is now reading it. He says he'll never look at phosphorus in the same way.

Short stories? Whenever I can work 'em in.

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