Saturday, September 04, 2010

She back! She's back in print!

E. C. Spykman's Edith Cares! The New York Review Children's Collection brought her back! Eric Hanson illustrated the new cover of Terrible, Horrible Edie (you can check out his evolution of Edie at A Different Stripe) and thank goodness that I'm still within my free-month trial period for Amazon Prime, because I ordered it immediately.

Thank you, JudyBG, for leaving a comment Thursday on my Celebrating E.C. Spykman post from July 2005. Somehow Edie (sneaky devil that she is) managed to get herself republished back in June without any awareness on my part.

I've got my fingers crossed that Edie on the Warpath (read an excerpt here) will follow, and that maybe the NYRB will loop back and republish Spkyman's first books in the series, A Lemon and a Star and The Wild Angel not long after that.

Even more links about Edie, Jane, Ted and Hubert:

Reviews at time of publication

Personal bio of E.C. Spkyman


  1. That original book cover is bringing back a memory for me. I'm off to research since I am quite sure I remember reading this book growing up!

  2. I don't remember this series or author.


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