Monday, July 27, 2009

Popcorn, bears, feral hamsters

So while the guys were on Mount Mitchell last week fending off the bears* they'd convinced themselves would never bother coming into camp for discarded popcorn kernels** (hahahahahaha) and I was at home being all like gainfully employed and stuff***, I eschewed the bottom step at the campus parking deck and came down on the outer edge of my foot, thereby spraining my ankle**** and laying to rest any notion of mountain goat agility that I'd previously nurtured inside my head*****.


And, as you might have gathered by the above (and the end notes), I spent an inordinate amount of time with David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest.

I'd not intended to take part in Infinite Summer (the library copy was checked out and I never finished The Recognitions after starting that group read last December), but IJ was available after we returned from a week at Atlantic Beach and I decided to at least take a quick look at the book--for future reference-- since everyone's posts on IJ were so interesting and reading it didn't seem to be taking up all the oxygen in their reading rooms.

And I found I liked it. So much so, that even though I started the project three weeks late, I'm now only 30ish pages behind schedule--I hope to be completely caught up by the weekend.

And I hope to have become a regular blogger (again!) in the meantime******.

*actually only one bear, but big enough to count as two, and "fending off" means shining the flashlight right in its eyes in the middle of the night

**particularly popcorn kernels put in the ashes under a heavy grill near the tent

***"stuff" meaning tending to Ellie et al. and taking out the garbage and eating popcorn shrimp one night and actual popcorn for all meals the next two days

**** taking pride in an eversion ankle sprain when 85 percent of all people who sprain their ankle take the easy path down the inversion trail--is that wrong? or simply patently pathetic?

*****surefootedness surely not a trait anyone outside my head would ever apply to me

******dreams die hard


  1. I'm very glad you're enjoying Infinite Jest. I am maybe 20 pages ahead of schedule and LOVING it!

  2. I'm a tad further behind, but yes! feral hamsters! I hope to get caught up this week. I hope your ankle's better!

  3. I think you're the 3rd person now I've read whose progress in Infinite Jest was related to personal illness/injury.

    I am very much enjoying it. Tough, but funny and complex in a good way.


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