Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This week's library haul. . .

In which I throw all restraint to the wind. Good thing most of these are from the university library so that I don't have to fret over overdue fees.

Ernst Junger. The Glass Bees. This is an addition to the 2008 1001 books list.

Gerard Donovan. Julius Winsome. I like the Marcus Aurelius quotation used as an epigrah in this one: Those who live the longest and those who die the soonest lose the same thing. The present is all that they can give up, since that is all you have.

Nina de Gramont. Gossip of the Starlings. I usually fare well with books published by Algonquin.

Hillary Jordan. Mudbound. For the Southern Reading Challenge.

Fanny Fern. Ruth Hall & Other Writings. The next selection for the Slaves of Golconda.

Tim Winton. Breath. Already on a lot of year's bests lists at Readerville or else I wouldn't be picking up a book about surfers.

Karen Joy Fowler. Wit's End. I don't think this is supposed to be one of Fowler's bests, but it's worth a try.

Roxana Robinson. Cost. Heroin addiction. Alzheimer's disease. Maine.

James Collins. Beginner's Greek. Endorsed by the Girl Detective herself. (Check out the chocolate chip cookie recipe while you're there.)

Beth Gutcheon. Leeway Cottage. What I'm reading first from this stack.

Joyce Carol Oates. Wild Nights! Short stories!


  1. I haven't had an overdue fee since I started using Library Elf.

  2. Oh, I know when they're due. Sometimes I just can't convince myself to turn them in on time.

  3. I am so excited that you will be reading Mudbound soon! :)

  4. The Fowler is not her best (IMO), but it's good. It is subtle, and so requires a closer reading than it might first appear. I'd recommend The Sweetheart Season, Sister Noon, or Sarah Canary to those new to her.

  5. Anonymous12:56 PM

    If anyone is interested in understanding the inhumane potential of technology, read Ernst Juenger's Glass Bees, a true vision of the present written in 1950. Contains visions of virtual reality, Bill Gates/Walt Disney characters, nanotech, the internet, and other developments which haven't yet materialized. A remarkable book, which should be read by all "true believers in technology".

  6. I am waiting for my library to get Mudbound in. I have also looked at the Winton but I can't quite figure out if it is linked with one of his earlier books or not.

  7. Marg, I'm operating under the assumption that Breath's a stand alone simply because none of its enthusiasts have mentioned a connection with another book.

    Anony, I'm looking forward to Glass Bees!

    John, I think I have a copy of Sarah Canary. Or maybe it's Sister Noon, whichever is supposed to be kinda sorta scifi.

    Maggie, the wait list for Mudbound was so long I seriously considered buying it!

  8. Whoaa baby! You're like me and check out way to many books than I can actually read at one time. I swear that although I LOVE my public library that I need to go off it for a while just so I can read the books that I actually own at home.

  9. Both Wit's End and Wild Nights are on my TBR list. After seeing them reviewed in this month's Bookmarks magazine I decided to give them a go.
    Hope you enjoy your library reading!

  10. everytime i step into a public library i find it impossible not to take as many books i can cary.
    for example - because in our town the library closes down for the summer - i took two big bags of books. i strongly believe that they were heavier than my body weight :))

  11. I think my pile is about as tall, and I've got a few more waiting for me at the library.

  12. Yesterday I listed all the library books I have checked out and would like to read by the end of the year (obviously most are from the university)and I still feel a little sick about it. There's no way. Even if I forgot about the challenges, I could. not. read. all. the library books. I need to decide which ones to send back. I don't know why the idea that I can check them out again later isn't the least bit consoling.


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