Friday, July 25, 2008

Haven Kimmel

John's been holding out on me.

Haven Kimmel has a blog.

Go there. Read her deadly views on Jesse Helms, learn of her upbringing in a polygamous cult, her lifelong Amish Quakerness (or something like that), the real reason Barack Obama did so well in Durham's primary, and just howclose of a relation that taxidermied monkey happens to be.

And be aware that Iodine is now shipping from Amazon.


  1. Sorry! But you found it on your own before it was too late.

    So funny. And it's all true - really. Especially the monkey business.

  2. Heh. I've been contemplating all morning which relatives of mine I'd like to taxidermy--my sister wins out every time. :)

  3. Haven Kimmel7:57 PM

    Do you know how sometimes you or perhaps I spend hours or days alone in her barn-studio, and you begin to think, "Perhaps there is something wrong with me, that I do nothing but read and write books. And perhaps I shouldn't have eaten that salmon." Well, a site like yours makes me take a deep breath and say, "Okay, it's fine, you're not alone."

    Thank you.

    Haven Kimmel

  4. Anonymous4:37 PM


    I am still trying to find out how you came about your first name. Can you help me out with that information?

    Nancie Loppnow


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