Monday, July 16, 2007

A quick this and that

I started Peter Rushforth's A Dead Language yesterday and I'm already more than 200 pages into it. I wish I could devote the next day or two to it completely, but real life says I can't.

Finished Dominic Smith's the beautiful miscellaneous Sunday morning. Remember when I asked back in the spring if there were any competent proofreaders left in publishing? Now I have to ask the same about editors: Smith's protagonist helps drive a car cross-country; a scant 22 pages later he drives the car back alone, claiming he "hadn't driven a car since an automobile safety class during [his] junior year." Pay attention, people.

Was thrilled to receive an ARC of Haven Kimmel's latest. It may have to cut line instead of waiting for me to finish the Summer Reading Challenge.

The new Harry Potter will be cutting line as well; to avoid spoilers I may resort to going off-line until I've finished it. I'd intended to reread all the Potters before the release of Deathly Hallows, but the tbr list is just to long to justify it. We didn't pay for free shipping, either, so who knows when it'll be delivered.

I am totally obsessed with I Can Has Cheezburger?


Girl Detective said...

"We didn't pay for free shipping"? Methinks you need a copyeditor. (Teasingly and with fondness.)

Cheezburger is pretty addictive.

Matt said...

Even though my first reaction to I Can Has Cheezburger was WTF?!, I am also kind of addicted to it. I find myself checking it almost ashamedly about once a week.

SFP said...

No, no, I did mean "we." I asked my son if he thought getting the latest on its release day was worth paying for shipping and he mulled it over and said it wasn't. You're supposed to read my mind and understand all that remains unspoken, 'kay?

Only once a week, Matt? I'm doing it so often I'm afraid I'm gonna start talking to library patrons that way.

J.S. Peyton said...

Oh, your comments on the beautiful miscellaneous brings back memories of The Swarm. Shudders.

SFP said...

Dare I ask?

What happened in The Swarm?!?!?!

stefanie said...

I've an ARc of the Kimmel book too but since I have yet to read any of her others I can leave it on the pile for now. Harry Potter is another matter. I've see I Can Has Cheezburger before and it is very entertaining I try to avoid it because it is so easy to get sucked in

danielle said...

I'm not sure what to do about Harry Potter. I did order it and am paying shipping, but why...I haven't even read #6 yet. I'm contemplating dropping everything else now and reading it fast before the next comes. I really don't want the end to be spoiled before I get a chance to read it!! I wonder if people will blog about it and give it away?

SFP said...

If I were you, Danielle, I'd do just that. I figure a total media blackout is the only way to keep from avoiding spoilers--I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my coworkers will preface any of their comments with a "Have you finished yet?"

If I pay for shipping, UPS won't deliver it until Saturday evening anyway. If I don't pay, there's a chance it'll still be shipped in time for the post office to get it to me early Saturday afternoon.

Or, more likely, some time the following week.

Gentle Reader said...

Whoa, cheezburger is hilarious. My kids love it, and I am now addicted!