Monday, April 09, 2007

Maggie is sponsoring a Southern Reading Challenge that will take place over the summer and I'm psyched about it. Of course, I'm already reading Flannery O'Connor, but I've got a huge stack of Southern fiction by my desk right now to choose from, so I won't be holding off on O'Connor in the meantime.

I drastically curtailed my intake of Southern lit after a writing workshop instructor urged us not to binge on the familiar. But after 20 years of living surrounded by transient transplants, I think a Southern-style feast is definitely long overdue.

And, if you're not suffering from post-Easter Peeps burnout, check out W.'s Bunny Suicides page. They're based on an Andy Riley book, he tells me.


  1. I'm thrilled you are taking part! I may just make this an O'Connor summer. Start with her first works then gradually read to her last. Get to know her! ;D

  2. Sounds like a plan--and a worthy one at that!


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