Thursday, June 08, 2006

Yesterday morning I added a few new blogs to my sidebar. I hit the "Save Template Changes" button and a few moments later received an error message. I couldn't read the message since most of Blogger's type shows up as boxes on my machine when I use IE, which I still use for the most part since attempting to publish with Firefox on my machine generally leads to Javascript errors. (We either need a new computer or the resident computer expert needs to sort a few things out.)

At any rate, I assumed the worst that had happened was that I'd need to add the new blogs again. I waited to do so until I reached the library last night, then became too engrossed in The Last Witchfinder to bother with blogging until I was back home again and wanted to add the Morrow to my list of completed books in the sidebar.

What I discovered is that not only had all the content I'd ever added to the template vanished, but much of what Blogger had put there was gone as well.

This morning I copied and pasted template material from my other blog and have made a start at restoring links. I didn't have haloscan for comments there, so it appears I've lost everyone's recent comments here. Considering that haloscan placed ads in them and didn't archive, I'm not likely to attempt switching back.

I've been toying with switching the template altogether for awhile; don't be surprised if things look very different here the next time you return.

And please note that I managed to write this entire post without cursing once.


  1. Sorry about all the difficulty you had last night, but Blogger was acting up for quite awhile on me too. I'd go mad if I lost most of my template. I'd have to start from scratch. Hope you're back up and running without further problems.


  2. Blogger has been frustratingly bad of late so you have my sympathies. Can't wait to see the new design :)

  3. BAH! Stupid Blogger. I've been trying to comment (and post) for almost a day now. I'm so sorry that you lost most of your template; that has to be one of the most frustrating things ever.

  4. I could tell that several people tried to post comments yesterday--I almost reinstalled haloscan, which does seem to be more reliable than blogger, except for the not archiving bit.

    Stefanie, I think I've decided to wait until blogger's a bit more stable before I attempt to change the template. Aren't they planning another outage this weekend?


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