Saturday, January 21, 2006

Subluxations and kitten bookmarks

If anyone had asked me a week ago if S.'s earlier spinal problems were still an issue I'd have said no. Even though he no longer does his physical therapy exercises (done only half-heartedly, under extreme duress, a few years back), his posture is good these days, and since his foot surgery last summer, he walks like a normal human being.

But just because we can no longer see it doesn't mean the underlying problem isn't still there. A chiropractor was in the fitness center trolling for new business Monday night, and S. was an easy hook. When he stands, he's 25 pounds heavier on one side than the other. That can't be good even if the doctors think his degrees of curvature are no longer in the danger zone.

Our doctor, who'd earlier sent us to see the orthopedic specialist about both his spine and his foot, faxed a referral and S. spent the morning at the chiropractor's office on Thursday. We went back again on Friday morning. We're going to be spending a lot of time there during the next month. His spine is without question better than it was, but X-rays showed several spots that could definitely lead to extreme pain and problems in the years to come; in fact, he'd already begun to mention back pain to L., although he'd attributed it to workouts at the fitness center. S. maintains it comes from standing up straight.

Fortunately, the office is less than five minutes' drive from the house, and most adjustment sessions should last betwen 30-40 minutes. And most fortunate of all, S. takes things seriously this time around and can shoulder primary responsibility for getting himself better.

On the reading front, we've agreed to make our way through Moby Dick at the pace of five chapters per night, although I've convinced S. we should up it to ten tonight since we've reached a patch of very short ones. We're both enjoying it. I'll try to post some of the best lines in a day or so.

I'm also trying to make my way quickly through Mary Gaitskill's Veronica, since someone has placed a request for it at the university library.

I managed the chapter on Einstein in the Bryson while on the treadmill at the gym this morning and came home to find an Escher card and kitten bookmark in the mail. Many thanks, MFS! He's purrr-ty!

With any luck I'll be back to the Perlman discussion by this evening.

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