Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I found my thrill

Hee. Someone came to the site last night looking for The Wild Parrots of Blueberry Hill.

I've been trying to keep my spending under a tighter rein, which involves not ordering what I can get from a library, unless it's clearly a Must Own. The dvd of The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill was on my wish list at amazon, but when I methodically checked items on it against the library catalogs last week before using a just-arrived gift certificate, I found that the public library showed Wild Parrots with a "just received" status. Considering how often I re-watch movies, or, for that matter, watch movies in the first place, getting it from the library is probably the best choice. Nonetheless I'm annoyed, because the dvd now shows a "checked in" status on all but one of its copies instead of "in transit" designations to the people on the waiting list. Of which I'm number three. I do hope these copies aren't being held out of general circulation for some reason. I'd love to watch parrots this weekend.

And speaking of catalogs, I haven't done more in the last month than add a few to Library Thing. I'm feeling the urge to have another marathon cataloging session, but I need to clean the study before I can do so since I haven't yet cleared away all the piles of books from the last time. And although I've not finished cataloging what's on our shelves, I'm inclined to ignore them for awhile longer while I move my attention to the cds or the dvds. I have more than a sneaking suspicion that many of our cds are once again in the wrong jewel cases; it would be wonderful to get them squared away, which cataloging would force me to do. And it would be nice if L. had a list of all the movies he's already burned onto dvd instead of continuing to record what we already have.

Veronica returned unfinished to the library. Forty chapters of Moby Dick completed.

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