Friday, September 09, 2005

Booker Short List and a Challenge

Yes, I'm posting in the middle of the night. S. has been on a fitness kick since he recovered from foot surgery, has signed up with a personal trainer and everything, and consequently, the home is free of all junk food, including caffeinated beverages.

Instead of supper I had a mocha frappe at work tonight and I am wired.

The Booker Short List. Not that I've read it, but I'm pulling for Ali Smith's The Accidental.

More importantly, Mental Multivitamin has listed the books that actually say something about her and has issued a challenge for others to do so as well. She was inspired by my post last Sunday when I commented that top ten lists that contain nothing but classics don't reveal much about their compilers.

I doubt I limit myself to ten books and I may open up my list to include music and the definitive movie or TV show (few and far between), but putting such a list together, revealing a life this way, will certainly entertain me even if it does no one else.

Can you timeline your life with books? What will it reveal about you?

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