Monday, May 02, 2005

Why does my cowboy hat come from Australia?

Who'd a thunk there'd be sunshine at MerleFest? What happened to the thunderstorms and chill (not to mention proms and bocce tournaments) that have kept us from attending for many years? What I mean to say is we did not bring suntan lotion as we would have for any other outdoor event and even the purchase of Australian cowboy hats did not save us from a bad case of sunburn. Ah well, at least I now have the requisite hat for Utah.

We saw (on the video screen, since we were a good quarter of a mile back from the stage): Alison Krauss and Union Station, the Chieftains, Bela Fleck, Buddy Miller, Jim Lauderdale, Allison Moorer, Steve Earle, Tim O'Brien, Jerry Douglas. We also saw an African raven. A. said Loretta Lynn had a bad case of allergies on Friday night and her sound system went out twice, so I don't have any angst about the family night out to dinner and to see "Hitchhikers Guide" instead.

Recent acquistions:
Jacob A. Riis' How the Other Half Lives (A. gave me her duplicate copy)
Mark Twain's Pudd'nhead Wilson
John Alexander Williams' Appalachia: A History

Also, A. loaned the two latest Christopher Buckley novels to L.

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