Tuesday, May 10, 2005

In which I grouch a lot

For those of you who wind up here looking for Alias Smith and Jones fan fic, or for those of you who are remotely curious about it, I've updated ongoing prequel After Denver. Feedback has been extremely positive, though I'm still half-expecting some irate Kid Curry fans to take offense at this point and call for my head.

Now the grouching.

Our old pug is becoming incontinent.

I have a headache.

I have to get off caffeine and seriously begin to diet and exercise.

I am a good month behind in my "365 in '05" short story reading goal.

I finished the first book of Don Quixote last night. Maybe it was the swirl of activity around me while I read that distracted me, but it seemed an awfully unsatisfying end, and my first thought was how I couldn't blame anyone for wanting to take the characters of Quixote and Sancho away from Cervantes and continue writing about them. Fan fiction didn't originate with Star Trek, that's for sure.

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