Saturday, July 16, 2011

I'm back and I have big news

by Susan

Okay, actually, I'm just sort of back. We're in the midst of a kitchen remodel, a kitchen remodel that I'd hoped would be finished just about now. But, as these things often go, it's taking longer than expected. The cabinetmaker (the second cabinetmaker; the first one hightailed after he was discovered stealing from the company) is now saying he'll have the cabinets completed in three weeks, but the kitchen designer is skeptical and advised me to plan on it taking more like five. Since we're doing the demolition ourselves, including removing the old soffits and ceiling; installing the recessed lights; replacing the ceiling and sheetrocking the new soffits (which should not resemble jutting eyebrows this time around), repainting the kitchen and the connecting family room, putting down subflooring,  and no doubt a few other things I'm forgetting, we probably do need five more weeks instead of three. At least I can wean myself off the kitchen porn now that everything's been selected; that should free up some time to resume blogging. I have spent much more time than is healthy on kitchen porn the past three months and I'm tired of second guessing all my choices.

But the big news I have has nothing to do with the kitchen. You've no doubt seen me mention my good friend W. on occasion, with whom I've been reading and discussing books for a good twenty years. Last year Wendy helped me get through Ulysses;  this year we've read The Waves and Skippy Dies and A Visit from the Goon Squad and In Persuasion Nation and Reading My Father as well as a whole slew of Somerset Maughams just last month. We're in the early pages of William Styron's Lie Down in Darkness right now.

Wendy's an accomplished writer, of both fiction and poetry, and she's currently hard at work on a novel. I am thrilled to report that she has agreed to become a co-writer here on the blog. Her first review will post Sunday evening and she's hoping to keep to an early-in-the-week schedule hereafter, although I told her it's perfectly okay to post whenever and however often she desires.

I've given Wendy a long annotated list of blogs that I expect she'll enjoy as much as I do. Since she's totally new to blogging, though, it may take her awhile to make the rounds and keep you all straight in her mind. Please feel free to stop by over the next few days and introduce yourselves to her. I can't think of a better way of helping her to feel a part of this wonderful book blogging community.


  1. Good luck on the kitchen remodel and I look forward to reading Wendy's reviews.

  2. A kitchen remodel can definitely fill your life with craziness. Mine only took about four weeks (small kitchen, not a lot of custom work), but I remember being discombobulated the whole time. The lack of a kitchen sink for that whole time was the worst part.

    And hooray for bringing on a blogging partner. I can say from experience that it adds tremendously to the experience (and makes it much easier to take a quiet break). I look forward to Wendy's reviews!

  3. I'm very excited to have Wendy come aboard. I'm sure I'm going to find myself inspired and motivated to be a better blogger simply because she's here--just as she makes me a better reader when we read together and share our insights.

    We still have our sink at this point, but very little light. And I've moved all the plates and glasses upstairs since we have no cupboards, so we're definitely in the inconvenient stage of the process!

  4. Welcome, Wendy.Looking forward to your posts.

  5. Hooray for Wendy!

  6. Hi, Wendy! A blogging partner sounds quite reinvigorating.


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