Thursday, March 26, 2009

Best Bad Book

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“What’s the best ‘worst’ book you’ve ever read — the one you like despite some negative reviews or features?”

When I was younger, it would have to have been Erich Segal's Love Story. It never failed to reduce me to tears, and since I went through a stage when I needed to be reduced to tears frequently, I read it a lot. The copy we had was technically my sister's, so I no longer have it on hand; probably a good thing.

More recently, I've enjoyed Elizabeth Kostova's The Historian, the Harry Potter series, Wally Lamb, and if I'd've paid attention to the customer reviews at Amazon, I'd have taken a pass on Julia Glass's I See You Everywhere earlier this month.

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  1. I have heard really good things about The Historian. I will have to put it in my TBR pile.

  2. I looooove Love Story. It's still one of my faves, after all these years. Because of it I went through an Erich Segal phase and read all his books but one, lol.

  3. I loved the Historian and couldn't put it down. I enjoyed it a lot :)

  4. The Historian has definitely gotten mixed reviews. It's still not one I've picked up.

  5. Yes, Love Story should probably be on my list, too. I read it when it first came out, and really enjoyed it, even though I had to take a lot of flak from friends and teachers. I guess it was manipulative, but sometimes that's just what's needed.

  6. I liked the Historian, but didn't love it. It was a little too long winded for me, but it was still enjoyable enough.

    ~ Popin

  7. Love story, yes! My sisters and I all passed that one around quite a bit. My post is up now

  8. The reviews on I See You Everywhere are split in the middle. It's hard to judge by just looking at the reviews, I totally agree.

  9. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Wally Lamb and Harry Potter are both undeniably good!

  10. Interesting question... I can't think of a book I loved and others hated.
    However, in a related sort of way, there is a phenomenon that I find interesting, regarding Leon Uris. His earlier books, Mila 18, Exodus, QBVII, Trinity... all these books are so good, I mean so exceptionally good that they literally consumed me.
    BUT... two books he wrote at the end of his career [lifetime] received HORRID reviews. Detested by everyone! As in, I have yet to read a single review that does not say O'Hara's Choice and A God In Ruins were not something like the worst novels ever written in the history of the universe!
    I loved his earlier books so much, I am almost tempted to pick these latter ones up, just to see if the reviewing-world knows what they are talking about!

  11. I noticed you were reading The Post Office Girl. I just got this book, so I'll be looking forward to seeing your review.


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