Friday, April 11, 2008


I have been tagged by Alison at BORN TO READ and knit.

For the book tag, here are the rules:

Pick a book at least 123 pages long.

Open that book to page 123.

Find the fifth sentence and post the next three.

Then tag five other people to do the same.

Since March I've had Wally Lamb's I Know This Much is True on my desk (I've actually been using it as a mouse pad). Anyone who's read my six-word-memoir ought not to be surprised that I'm trying to accumulate several future reads on mental illness and sibling responsibility. I also have Rachel Howzell Hall's A Quiet Storm close at hand for the project, so what the heck--I'll quote from both of them.

From the Lamb:

I'd given up caffeine the year before--felt better, slept better. Then I'd started up again--back in the summertime, when all that Kuwait stuff had started. It was all Thomas would talk about: those Biblical prophesies that were going to come true, all that Armageddon crap. That's a pattern with Thomas when he's starting to spiral down--he latches on to one thing and he won't let go.

From the Hall:

"Stacy, please," Mommy said. "Don't make this worse--"

"And who made you in charge of what I eat?" I asked. "You can't cook to save your life. You need to grow up and shut up because I'm tired of your shit."

I won't tag anyone, but feel free to quote from p. 123 if you like!


  1. It's interesting... I think I've now seen three different versions of this, all of which use p. 123!

  2. I did this yesterday by chance, only I didn't share what book I took it from. I guess I should do that...

  3. Both book sound interesting. I get some very odd looks when using the cross trainer at the gym, (like a step machine) as I always manager to prop my book up on the front panel. It sure helps the workout time fly by


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