Monday, December 12, 2005

Booked by Three

I'm participating in Shelley's December Booked by Three poll:

1. Books/Magazines as gifts.

Do you give them?
Have I ever not given them to my kids? S. exclaimed after learning the truth about the Easter bunny and the tooth fairy: "Oh, so that's why they always brought me books!"

Other than the kids, I usually only give books regularly to my mother-in-law, who appreciates them. And I used to give Larry McMurtrys to my dad, who only bought paperback westerns for himself. I try to give the nieces and nephews something they've specifically requested; they know if they don't speak up they'll probably get books.

Do you get them?
From the kids, yes, and usually my mother-in-law gives me a gift certificate to use for buying books. This year, though, I'm getting Something Else.

If you've gotten any as gifts, do you have a favorite?
Probably Black Beauty back in second grade.

2. End of Year Stats

Most books read in a year?
I read 112 in 2000. I probably read many more than that in a year when I was a child, but unless I can unearth my old diaries from my parents' basement I can't prove it.

Least number of books read in a year?
I made it through eight in 1986. My daughter did not permit me to read while she nursed. I watched a lot of Sesame Street that year.

Average number of books read in a year?
Since '93 I've ranged between 44 and 112 books, with an average of 80.

3. Any reading material on your wish list this year?
I know exactly what I'm getting. . .

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