Friday, November 18, 2005

Cats and apologies

Dave at Book Puddle has a cat who reads. Here's a picture of gorgeous Jack that I failed to put in the Carnival of Cats a couple weeks back. My apologies to Dave and to all who've sent email to me in the last month that I haven't responded to-- for the longest time all emails at my pagesturned email address simply spilled over into my regular email and it never even crossed my mind to check the blog account for anything that might not have made its way through. Dumb me.

I have Danielle to thank for the Kitten War link. I voted for so many kittens a few nights back I dreamed about them, although the kittens in my dream were all the size of Ellie and Claudie's catnip mice.

No cats of my own to showcase today since our camera has gone neurotic on us and refuses to take decent inside shots, but as always, you can see the best and latest pet pictures on Fridays at the Ark. The 86th Carnival of the Cats is currently at Curiouser and Curiouser and the 87th will be at Scribblings on Sunday.

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