Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Peter Rushforth and other items

Sandra reported Friday that Peter Rushforth, author of Pinkerton's Sister and the award-winning Kindergarten, had died the previous weekend. Efforts to find an online obituary were futile until MMitchell of Rushforth's US publishing house linked to this report in the Whitby Gazette in Sandra's comments:

Peter Rushforth, of Station Road [Castleton], collapsed while walking on Blakey Ridge with his regular walking group at 11.15am on Sunday [Sept. 25]. He was taken to James Cook Hospital but died on the way. He had suffered a heart attack.

Rushforth had completed his third novel, A Dead Language, last spring. It will be published in the UK in April and the US next fall.

The latest edition of The Believer contains an interview with Lorrie Moore.

Are there books that you read before you should have been exposed to them? What would you be willing to do to keep such a book from others? A parent's strings-attached gift of $3 million has been returned; St. Andrew's Episcopal School in Austin intends to keep Annie Proulx's "Brokeback Mountain" as optional reading in 12th grade.

Orson Scott Card says Serenity is a great movie and I agree. Everyone please go see it (twice or more if you can afford it) so that there will be a sequel. Everyone go see if so we can discuss the movie without spoiling it for anyone else.

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