Sunday, January 08, 2006

The 94th Feline Fest

Claudius says welcome to the 94th edition of the Carnival of the Cats.
He and his co-hosts, Nicholson and Ellie (who'll be around shortly), hope you'll enjoy this week's particpants.

First, we have newcomer Domino, "owned" by John of Lifetime Reading List and Reading Gibbon. Hi, Domino!

Cat M-mv is evidently worn out by the holidays. No doubt there were
many nights spent reading into the wee hours in the Mental Multivitamin household.

Dulce stops to smell the poinsettas. Dulce and Danielle are also first timers
to the carnival.

Carl Zimmer cat-blogs from Deep Time.

Miss Maple's eyes glowed brighter than the Christmas lights. According to
Gus Van Horn, she's been wired with her own power supply!

Pasha and Pixel take naps. . . but things are looking rather spotty. ACM was on hand to document things.

PJ was determined to get a picture of Rafe with his eyes wide open. Success!

Willow has a bath. Once she learns SRP posted the pics, she's going to be very angry!

Beezer discovers people treats. LHK will know to hide them next time.

S. E. Smith catches Mr. Bell and Mr. Shadow kissing.

Sabaki and Lady wonder,"What the heck have Robin's and Jonah gotten themselves into now?" Robot Vegetable artwork, it appears.

Sabaki says, "Drat! You've Found the Secret Door!" Robot Vegetable photography, this time.

Please don't let Abby sing; I've just stopped drinking Coke. Debra supplies the Manx Mnews--and singing lessons.

Duncan and Henry might consider singing "Together Again"--if they're both awake at the same time. Blueberry also presents Airborne Cats.

Mr. Gato helps with recycling. I'm sure Barry winds up doing most of the work.

Thalia sinks to a new low. Jeff is on hand to document it.

Hobbes has an obsession with plastic bags, so lucky for him, sometimes Dolphin forgets to close the door.


Michael kindly lets Tinker sleep in his office chair.

Carrie gives us a magical tale involving Mr. Gato.

Rest in peace, Colin. Condolences, Jazz .

Oh my goodness. Josh certainly overfed his cats over Christmas vacation.

Ever see a cat pretend to be the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Moi's cat is talented that way.

Allan misses Tonks.

Mycah loves her box. Who got the book, Russ?

One seriously pissed off cat. Mr. Toast may be toast after this.

SB of Watermark focuses on the neighbor kitties this week.

Do not call this cat Snugglebug. It's Mr. Grrr, as Rebekah well knows.

Ogre's cat has a crinkle ear.

No cat blogging this week for Ferdy; he's a suck-up. (I don't blame him, Bruce.)

Amos wants to go to college. Why? He's in loooove. (Laura Lee could make do with the other cats.)

Mojo and Loki triumphantly return to cat blogging thanks to the Desert Rat.

Messy eaters mess with catnip. No good will come from it, Chuq.

Orloff confiscates what Santa should've brought to him. Rondi will just have to deal with it.


Clare snorkels; cat snoozes.

Best snow kitty picture ever. Thanks, Steph.

Bing: I Want to Eat Her Up! Flippy: Check out the scratches if you think I mean this figuratively.

Kimberly concentrates on cat textures.

Demon-posseesed cats? Catnabbit provides the real story.

Tommy's cat can open boxes.

Mind of Mog presents Izzy Izzy, Cat Vomit, Wussy Pussy, and She's Back.

Snow White and the Seven Stalkers (Part One). Courtesy of Gigolokitty.

"This could be a problem"-- "Potluck Supper"-- "Blogging as to war"--entries from Sisu.

Hey! Farmgirl's cat is up on the roof!

Callie desperately tries to get the ball out of the toy. Is this an IQ test, Mira?

Who needs cable TV when you can do this? That must be Zuleme's boot.

There's a lot of competition for the toilet in Lisaviolet's home.

Daily Rosie takes a stiff drink. Do you drink after her, Matt?

Catymology presents Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats.

Look at the birdie, Butterscotch! Mensa Barbie's got the camera!

Maddie's still playing with her Christmas presents.

Morris is on the fence. Instead of helping him down, Martin runs for the camera.

And Laurence reminds us that there are still "Katrina Kitties" that need adoption.

LATE ARRIVAL: a video of Matata's belly rub from the Blog d'Ellisson.

That's it for this week's Feline Fest. Be sure to let us know if we've missed you or messed up your link.

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